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10 Things To Do Before the First Week of School

Starting the school year prepared is a very important tool to help ensure your success throughout the semester. Whether you're organizing your book bag or workspace, creating a calendar, or visiting classes ahead of time, it is imperative to know that a successful school year begins well before your first class.


#1: Read Your Course Syllabuses

Taking the time to read through the syllabus for each course you’re enrolled in can make a big difference in your preparation for class. Understanding the course requirements, assignments, and due dates can help you better understand what is expected of you throughout the semester. If you are taking an elective course that appears to be much more demanding than anticipated, reading through the syllabus can give you the awareness to switch courses before it’s too late. Furthermore, certain courses expect students to complete a reading or chapter before the first week of class.

#2: Make An Organized Calendar with Important Deadlines

Now that you’ve taken the time to read through each of your courses syllabuses, you are able to make a detailed calendar including all important deadlines and due dates for the upcoming semester. Keeping track of all the deadlines can become difficult especially with courses that have weekly assignments or quizzes. Google Calendar is a great option to stay on top of things because it is accessible from both your laptop and mobile device.

#3: Clean Your Workspace

Even though classes are back to being fully in-person, it’s still very important to keep your at-home workspace clean and organized. Making the time to ensure that your desk and room are clear of clutter will allow you to focus more on your schoolwork and also gives you a great boost before starting classes.

#4: Get Your Backpack Ready

For some of us, it may be the first time we’re returning to classes since the beginning of the pandemic. In order to be the most prepared it’s important to ensure that you have everything you need in your backpack before your journey to school. Key items that are sometimes forgotten are spare paper, extra pens, and phone/laptop chargers.

#5: Make a List of Goals/Objectives for the Semester

Having a clear list of goals and objectives for the upcoming semester can help keep you on track throughout these twelve busy weeks. With a very busy schedule it can become difficult to remember to prioritize certain things. In my experience, having a list of goals and objectives has helped me to stay on track of what I’m aiming to achieve while also remembering to make time for relaxation and fun.

#6: Reflect on Last Semester

Whether you’re a returning student or coming straight from high school, it’s sometimes helpful to look back on your last school year or semester and think of things that you did well or can improve on. If you felt unprepared for tests or were late for certain assignments, looking back can help you think of ways to better prepare yourself this time around.

#7: Make Time for Relaxation Before the First Week

Summer break can get pretty busy when you’re balancing classes or part-time jobs, and you don’t want to feel burnt-out before the beginning of the upcoming semester. If possible, try to make some time for yourself to relax and unwind during the last couple weeks of summer break. Whether that’s trying to finish your internship early or taking a couple days off, this can give you the opportunity to unwind, decompress, and set yourself up for success for the coming school year.

#8: Attend Orientation

If you’re an incoming first-year student, it is highly recommended that you attend your school’s orientation events. Not only will you familiarize yourself with the school campus, you will also have the best opportunity to meet new friends and classmates. Furthermore, orientation events give you a great introduction to the faculty at your school and also the many student groups and clubs available for you to join.

For incoming Retail Management students at TMU, join us at the RSAxSRM Orientation at TRSM on August 29th!

#9: Visit Classes Beforehand to be Extra Prepared

Taking the time to visit campus and scope out your classroom locations before the first week of classes can help save you a lot of time and stress. Attempting to find your class on the first day is much more difficult due to the high volume of students and also the confusing layouts of some buildings at TMU. If you can find the time to do so, it’s definitely beneficial to know where your classes are before the first week of school.

#10: Message Friends Your Schedule to Find Any Similar Classes

Lastly, it’s sometimes helpful to message friends or past classmates to see if you have any classes together. This can help whenever you want someone to sit beside during class, a study partner, or someone to work on a project with.


As another summer has flown by, it’s beneficial to take some time before the beginning of school to reflect on last year and set new goals and expectations for yourself. While the beginning of a new semester can be nerve-racking, following these 10 tips can help put you in the right mindset for school and begin getting excited about what’s to come.

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