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Best Retailers To Help You Spice Up Your Life This Fall

Fall is here! For most of us, this time means a new school year, more learning, and preparing to meet deadlines and exams. Nevertheless, these retailers are here to help you enjoy the Fall season to the fullest.



We’ve all known and loved Starbucks for its year-round beverages. This Fall the beloved coffee shop once again unleashed iconic seasonal foods and drinks to spice up your daily routine. The lineup includes the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Pumpkin Cream cold brew, the Apple Crisp Oat Macchiato, and many more. The delicious Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin is an excellent choice to pair with these drinks.

You can check out the new menu at the shop or online.

Uniqlo U

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe this Fall, Uniqlo’s U line is an excellent retailer to provide you with quality essential pieces. The designs are the perfect combination of simple, classic and contemporary. The collection provides diversity and flexibility to your wardrobe. Furthermore, the pieces work flawlessly when they are layered together.

The majority of Fall essential pieces will be available to purchase in early October. Do you think it’s time to spice up your Fall looks?

Check out the new collection here!

Peace Collective

Unlike Uniqlo U, Peace Collective is the best fit for comfort fashion when the weather gets chilly. The retailer is famous for its sports fan, Canadian souvenir garments, and awareness collections. Peace Collective’s vintage aesthetic is definitely its sweatwear’s most attractive appeal. More importantly, every garment purchased helps Peace Collective in supporting numerous charities in our community.

From mental health to food banks to helping refugees, Peace Collective help raise money for every noble cause. Nothing beats staying warm, and comfortable and contributing to a good cause this Fall season.

Join forces with Peace Collective here.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Want to decorate your space with a Fall theme? Bed Bath & Beyond’s Fall Shop is the ideal choice. On their website, there is a special Fall shop that caters to your Fall decorating desire. The shop covers your whole home, from the living room, the bathroom, and the bedroom to the kitchen and the outdoors.

Come and get your home filled with yellow and orange goodness here!

100 Years Of Love

The Toronto-based contemporary home fragrance brand offers you a range of scented candles to make your personal space smell like a dream. The recommended Fall scent is “Eyes Wide Candle”. It’s packed with notes of warm, exotic amber. You can easily unwind and get into the Fall mood with 100 Years Of Love after a long day of work and classes.

Shop their entire collection here.


The Fall season comes with signs of chilling weather and bleaker days. Retailers have already started to display their Halloween spirit and Cineplex is no exception. Horror/Thriller films are being released throughout the next two months and it’s going to make the colder days much more exciting and enjoyable. We recommend the Horror/Mystery film “Barbarian” to kickstart your spooky season. Its storytelling, its twist and turns will keep you immersed and amazed throughout the film.

Enjoy the new cult classic today at

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