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Mint & Gold Creations

By: Venecia Vassell, RSA associate

MintGoldCreations is a small online business featuring a variety of custom and colourful handcrafted unique home decor items. The Toronto-based business creates resin products such as ornaments, tables, coasters, trays, and more using various materials such; as flowers and gold flakes, along with various colour combinations to create your perfect product. Can’t decide on your perfect set? Only a few short from the online prices? No worries at all! On the retailer’s Instagram account, there are often giveaways, story flash sales, and seasonal/holiday exclusive products available. 

Meet Laura Grenon, a crafting enthusiast, and small business owner based in Toronto Ontario. After graduating from the Management and Organization studies program at Western University and landing a job as a full-time event planner. During her free time after work, she found herself drawn to the art style of acrylic pouring, and she loved it! This interest allowed her to explore other artistic mediums such as resin, with this newfound information and free time to spare.

By the summer of 2018, Laura had stepped foot on her crafting journey! Through all this, there was a lot of trial and error, ups and downs, and a lot of expenses to be paid in order to continue with her hobby. She currently is working at a resin company doing part-time admin/logistics/day-to-day work while managing her business.

In the future, she hopes to either move forward with Mint and Gold making it her full-time job, take on a bigger role within her provider resin company, or even set out on new creative ventures that allow her to stay connected with the community. 

Why do I love MintGoldCreations:

As someone who enjoys the uniqueness and ni of crafts, I was naturally drawn to the business. I love the idea of creating amazing and colourful resin products from Coasters all the way to adorable trinket trays. Along with this, I always adored the idea of supporting someone's passion, so I find myself supporting a lot of small businesses to do so!

“If you’re thinking about starting a small business, be patient. Don’t force anything or compare yourself to others. Don’t feel like you have to offer a product you hate selling or cut your profit margins just to make a sale. And it’s ok to take breaks, to look for help in your community, or admit that you messed up. And lastly, just make sure you're having fun.”

- Laura Grenon

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