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Top Retailers with the Back to School Essentials


Now that August has arrived and back to school season is quickly approaching, having the right supplies can help you prepare for the semester ahead. Whether you’re a new student joining Toronto Metropolitan University or an upper-year, here are some retailers with the best in back to school.


Whether you’re in need of stationery, technology, backpacks, or desk supplies, Indigo has got you covered with an extensive assortment of back to school products. Additionally, Indigo provides customers with a helpful back to school checklist for all ages (whether going into elementary, high school, or university).

Key Items:

Check out the rest of the collection here.

Urban Outfitters

While they're known for having an excellent product assortment for dorm room décor, Urban Outfitters also has quite the selection for back to school products. If you’re looking for unique and trendy items for your desk or backpack, Urban has got you covered.

Key Items:

Check out the rest of the UO Campus collection here.


With Staples being the most popular retailer for back to school season, they have significantly upped their game this year thanks to their wider array of exclusive brands.

General Supply Goods + Co.

From candles and room décor to power banks, notepads, and pens, General Supply Goods + Co. has a wide assortment of back to school products with nostalgia and Canadian heritage in mind.

Key Items:


With minimalism in mind, TRU RED by Staples provides stationery, desk accessories, and workspace organizers that help to keep your space clean and organized.

Key Items:

Check out the entire back to school collection at Staples here.


Getting the right supplies is a pivotal factor in preparing for a successful school year, and while back to school shopping can seem like a dreadful task it can become much more exciting when you spot trendy and cool products at the right places!

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